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Great Egret (in courtship display)Great Blue Heron -   Seeking ShadeGreat Egret (with fish -2)Wood Stork (on branch)Great Egret (on palm fronds)Great Egret (Beak with fish shadow under wing)              Gossamer WingsGreat Egrets (building nest)Great Egret - Fishing on the FlyRoseate Spoonbill preening Ruffles and FlourishesWood Stork LandingHovering Wood StorkGreat Egret (in rookery - 2)Tandem Flight (Wood Storks)Wood Stork (with fish)Wood Stork LandedWood Stork (silhouette)Great Blue HeronGreat Blue Herons Nest Building - Back from Nature's Home DepotGreat Egret (with fish -1)Angelic Roseate Spoonbill